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About me & this site

My name is Urban Suppiger. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and gadget freak. Currently I'm living in Zurich but I truly feel at home in the Swiss alps. As a member of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) you will find me climbing rocks, peaks and glaciers in summer & autumn or climbing ice walls and riding coulouirs on skis in winter & spring.

In my day-to-day job I'm an engineer, responsible — among others — for quality assurance and health & safety on construction sites all over the world. This involves for example selection of personal protective equipment for our field engineers all over the world. Sadly enough this also involves leading accident investigations from time to time.

I have a natural urge to understand how things work and to keep people around me (and myself) safe.

Why I started this site

A few months ago, one of my colleagues informed me about a product recall of my ski touring binding. He read about it in a printed magazine by chance. I didn't! I noticed it would have been my own obligation to inform myself about safety critical information of all my gear. But how to stay up-to-date? I reckoned that there has to be a more efficient way to collect and distribute gear recalls. And so the idea for this platform was born.

So far this is a small side project for which I am working on my own. But I am always keen to work together with smart people. If you fancy to contribute to the idea, why don't you drop me a short message?

Have fun out there! And stay safe!

How this site works

For any new recall or safety warning that's issued for safety-critical outdoor gear, I publish a blog post on this site and send out email warnings for everyone who has subscribed to our mailing list.

As of today, I'm providing updates for the brands listed below, either by periodically monitoring the safety information on their website or by receiving safety updates directly from the manufacturer.

With other manufacturers, I'm in discussion and hope to include them as soon as possible. Your favorite brand is not included? Why don't you send me a message to let me know?

Some sort of a disclaimer: My goal is to provide you with recall information and safety updates of all major outdoor gear brands in a timely manner. As of my knowledge, this site maintains the most complete list in the English speaking community. However, for obvious reasons, I will never be able to guarantee 100% coverage. It remains your responsibility to keep yourself informed, to check your gear regularly and to apply safe behavior. Having said that, I try the utmost to keep information on this site as complete and accurate as possible.

Covered brands

Safety relevant products of the brands listed below are covered (for climbing, ski touring and mountaineering). Other brands and sports will follow. For a list of all recalls and safety updates since 2017, check the full recall history.

ABS, Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Camp, Climbing Technology, DMM, Dynafit, Edelrid, G3, Mammut, Omega Pacific, Petzl, Pieps, Salewa, Simond (Decathlon), Totem, Trango, Wild country

A few words on our policy

We take the protection of your personal data serious. So here are a few policies we will stick to no matter what:

  • This platform is independent and none of the articles is paid for by any equipment manufacturer. If that would change for any reason, it will be clearly labeled.
  • If you subscribe to the mailing list, none of your data will be given to 3rd parties and will purely be used for the purpose of notifying you by email. You can opt-out at any time.
  • We use Google Analytics to track usage and to improve the site. All data is stored anonymously.
  • We might display some ads or place some affiliation links to online shops in the future in order to recover some of the operational costs. If so, we try to configure them to only show ads meaningful to you. Happy to receive feedback, if this is not the case.