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Safety Alert for MAMMUT RAS & PAS Airbag System 3.0

Urban Suppiger

Posted in Recalls & Safety Warnings

This notice from Mammut is not a recall but a call to check the installation of your Mammut avalanche airbag system. According to the notice, only version 3.0 are possibly affected (neon orange trigger handle and balloon) while older versions are safe (red trigger handle and balloon).

The notice reads:

In some cases, incorrect installation of the system may have caused significant bending of the deployment cable. This could have a negative effect on the functioning of the avalanche airbag after repeated deployment. If you identify the installation problem described in the instructions, please rectify it immediately in accordance with the following instructions.

There is a very detailed step-by-step instruction on how to check whether your airbag system is affected and how to rectify the problem. In case of doubt, reach out to your local distributor or to Mammut's service hotline linked on their website: